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We have all experienced pain on some level, whether
a cut,  scrape, sickness, burn, sprain or even a broken
bone. Generally, during many of these occurrences
there is an understanding that in time the pain will end.
The current system for measuring pain is on a scale of 1-10. One being little to no pain and ten being the worst one can imagine. However, the scale is based on what we understand. In reality pain can become worse. The consistency over time has severe effects. There are feelings of total isolation, desperation and even memory loss. For those affected,
finding the words to explain what one is experiencing can be very difficult. Not being able to describe pain in detail is a problem for doctors that need to treat the cause or the underlying problems. We are working to develop a more detailed pain scale and diary, as well as a mobile application for accurate communication.

Over the next five years we will implement programs in order to significantly reduce expenses for treatment and new ways of targeting pain. We will also offer support patients. Within
the next ten years we will end chronic pain.
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